2016 Scholarship Application


                                                           Michiana GCSA Scholarship

Applications will be accepted from March 1st through July 15th

Scholarships will be awarded at the Fundraiser in August 2016

Scholarships are available to current MGCSA members and there children if no applicants fill this criteria scholarships will be available to any active turf student

Application Process:

1. Application

2. Complete official transcript from current institution

3. Essay:

              A. First time applicants
                   What environmental benefits does golf offer the communities
              B. Second time applicants
                   What are some of the social benefits of golf
              C. Third time applicants
                   How has technology changed the game of golf
              D. Fourth time applicants
                   What life lessons does the game of golf teach

4. Two letters of reference from a coach, teacher, or employer  

5. Personal biography

Applications with transcript, essay, reference letters, and biography should be mailed to
Michiana GCSA
9700 Deer Trail
Plymouth, Indiana 46563

MGCSA president will contact applicants to acknowledge receipt of completed applications
Applicants will be assigned a number
Applications will be sent to the complete board void of personal information
Each board member will read applications and essay and will assign a point value (75 maximum points) to the application and return it to the president
The Scholarships will be awarded to the applicants with the highest point totals
The applicants receiving scholarships will be notified and asked to attend the fundraiser for the presentation
Payment disbursements will be made to the institution directly (for audit purposes)



Scholarship Application

Students Name:_______________________________________________

Mailing Address:_______________________________________________________________________



Faculty Advisor:________________________________________________________________________

Applicants major field of study:____________________________________________________________

Two year school:______

Four year school:______

Graduate Student:   M.S.______   Ph.D.______

Civic volunteering in past calendar year:_____________________________________________________


Accumulative GPA:____________

Please fill out entire application

Do not forget to attach transcript, essay, reference letters, and biography

Send all applications to
P.O. Box 10031
South Bend, IN 46680